Tri Sa

IMAG1443Tri Sa

Tri Sa is one of the most hard working farmers at TTCF – someone who seems to have a green thumb. She has the most CSA shares at the farm this year and will be filling 11 boxes each week. She does everything by herself, except when her daughters can get some time from school and are able to come in and help. Her eldest daughter Mu Ko Paw is 23 and works at UNC. The younger two- P’Saw Wah and Tha Dah Wah both study at Durham Tech and aspire to go to UNC to complete their nursing degrees. Tri Sa can never forget the date of 28th August, 2007 when she came to U.S. with her family. Her daughters going to college is the biggest accomplishment of her life in U.S. and she is determined to work hard and collect enough money to see them through UNC.

Having her own farm and a backyard vegetable patch in her village has given Tri Sa a love for farming and land. She has been with TTCF since the farm came into existence in 2010. She does not have a favorite vegetable and likes almost everything that grows on the farm. Her preference in cooking however is a healthy soup with all different vegetables, especially the softer ones belonging to the pumpkin family.

The land at TTCF has given her the opportunity to grow for CSA as well as whatever she wants to for her own family. She values the time she gets to spend here with her family working together. Working, eating, sharing and laughing together on the farm reminds her of her native village. Both her parents are still in the village in Burma and have not been doing well health wise for sometime now. Communication with them is a big problem and she is able to talk to them only once a year. Her younger sister lives in a refugee camp in Burma, but is still away from the parents. Communication with her is more frequent- once every 3 months.

TTCF has given Tri Sa the hope that she might be able to see her daughters through college. The training workshops and growers school at the Farm have helped her get better at growing and selling produce and she is immensely grateful to the farm and its coordinators Kelly and Nicole for the same.

Learn more about Tri Sa by watching this beautiful 4-minute documentary by directed by Morgan Capps and Heather Stewart Harvey for the 2013 Documentary Video Institute.