Lettuce & Greens

Asian Tatsoi

Asian Tatsoi

Mild‐flavored leaves create a small, compact rosette. Thin to 6‐8 inches apart for full‐sized rosettes. Suitable for late spring through autumn sowing. Spring sowings should be made after last frost date to eliminate risk of premature bolting.






Astro Arugula/Roquette

Astro Arugula:Roquette

Early to harvest and heat tolerant. Medium‐lobed and medium‐spicy flavor. Flowers are also edible.







Emu Spinach

Emu Spinach

A dark green leaf that is slow to bolt; a great summer har‐ vest variety. Germinates best in cool soil, so sow as soon as soil is workable.







Green Bib Buttercrunch

Green Bib Buttercrunch

Dark green leaves are the standard variety for harvesting bib baby leaves. Crisp and sweet flavor. Grows best in 60‐65 degree temperature. Sow every 3 weeks for a continuous harvest of baby leaves.






Red Saladbowl

Red Saladbowl

Radiant burgundy‐red, deeply lobed, delicate oak‐ like leaves form a full rosette. It is slow to bolt and has a mild, non‐bitter flavor. Grows well in all seasons, but best in cool weather.




Here are some of our favorite ways to make delicious salads:

– since it’s strawberry season, add some berries to your salad!

– add toasted nuts to your salad—toasting nuts in a skillet or in the toaster is such an easy way to make a salad more delicious and more of a meal

– add a fried or poached or soft-boiled egg on the side

– make it a full Salade Composee or Salade Nicoise—one of our favorite meals on a hot day—use whatever you have in the fridge (eggs, canned tuna or other fish, meat of any kind, olives, capers, cheese, chickpeas)

– make croutons with stale bread—cube it and toss with olive oil and salt and put in the oven at 350 til golden brown

– use yogurt in place of buttermilk if that’s what you have around and feel like a creamy dressing

– make a classic Caesar Salad (so satisfying)

– make a classic Greek Salad

Had enough salad? Other ways to use lettuce:

– in sandwiches (this may seem obvious, but I’d forgotten how good fresh, crisp lettuce is on an egg salad sandwich)

– as a wrap—like a spring roll—fill it with mint, cucumber, basil, rice noodles, and some tender pork. Use the Fish Sauce Vinaigrette found in the chili tab as a dip for these lettuce wraps.

– braise it (We haven’t tried this ourselves, but people do it)

– add it to a stir fry

– add it to a curry (at the very end, just to wilt it slightly)

– grill Romaine lettuce and dress with a blue cheese dressing