Share A Share

DONATE to the Share a Share program which allows community members to give back by buying traditional Burmese vegetables such as bitter melon and lemongrass grown by Transplanting Traditions farmers.  Those traditional vegetables are then donated to PORCH a local food pantry who then distributes those vegetables to refugee families in need in Orange County.

Transplanting Traditions farmers have reported that access to traditional vegetables is limited and very important to their health. Refugee families report that without access to traditional vegetables they may skip meals or rely on processed unhealthy foods. Our farmers remember the difficulty of what it was like to resettle in NC and to begin to build a home here. Access to local, fresh, and meaningful Asian produce can greatly help recently arrived refugee families flourish in their new lives.

When you Share a Share, you help a refugee family in need get traditional produce sustainably grown by and purchased from a refugee farmer.

Donate to Share a Share

This year….

  • Eight female TTCF farmers earned a total of $8,121.50 for their families by growing traditional vegetables such as bitter melon, pennywort and roselle for the Share a Share Program
  • Two refugee farmer are paid to manage this program providing additional income, leadership skills and community autonomy.
  • 2,342 pounds of TTCF-grown produce and eggs were donated to PORCH serving 125 families monthly