Salad Mix

Salad Mix is great for you
Salad Mix



Salad Inspiration:

– since it’s strawberry season, add some berries to your salad!

– add toasted nuts to your salad—toasting nuts in a skillet or in the toaster is such an easy way to make a salad more delicious and more of a meal

– add a fried or poached or soft-boiled egg on the side

– make it a full Salade Composee or Salade Nicoise—one of our favorite meals on a hot day—use whatever you have in the fridge (eggs, canned tuna or other fish, meat of any kind, olives, capers, cheese, chickpeas)

– make croutons with stale bread—cube it and toss with olive oil and salt and put in the oven at 350 til golden brown

– use yogurt in place of buttermilk if that’s what you have around and feel like a creamy dressing

– make a classic Caesar Salad (so satisfying)

– make a classic Greek Salad


Had enough salad? Other ways to use salad mix:


– in sandwiches (this may seem obvious, but we’d forgotten how good fresh, crisp lettuce is on an egg salad sandwich)

– as a wrap—like a spring roll—fill it with mint, cucumber, basil, rice noodles, and some tender pork. Use the Fish Sauce Vinaigrette under the chili tab as a dip for these lettuce wraps.

– braise it (We haven’t tried this oursevesf, but people do it)

– add it to a stir fry

– add it to a curry (at the very end, just to wilt it slightly)